Sewing Classes

Exciting New Class Beginner Patchwork

10 Week Term
This class is great way to begin your love in patchwork, in this introductory course you will learn the basic skills of Patchwork and Quilting.

The course will be complete with notes step by step references to create a fun lap quilt; you will learn many different techniques, cutting your blocks, and stitching them together, sashing, and borders, assembly of your quilt and binding

Come along to this fun class to begin your love of patchwork.

Thur11-Apr-196:00 – 9:00
Thur02-May-196:00 – 9:00$300.00
Thur09-May-196:00 – 9:00$300.00
Thur16-May-196:00 – 9:00$300.00
Thur23-May-196:00 – 9:00$300.00
Thur30-May-196:00 – 9:00$300.00
Thur06-Jun-196:00 – 9:00$300.00
Thur13-Jun-196:00 – 9:00$300.00
Thur20-Jun-196:00 – 9:00$300.00
Thur27-Jun-196:00 – 9:00$300.00
Thur04-Jul-196:00 – 9:00$300.00
Kids Holiday Class

This fun class is designed for 10-14 years olds. New participants will enjoy making a set project or those from the Junior Sewing Class can continue with their existing project if they chose. Kit will be included for beginners.

Wed17-Apr-1910:00 – 1:00$50.00
Thur18-Apr-1910:00 – 1:00$50.00
Babylock Club

This club is specially tailored for owners of Baby Lock Gloria, Ovation, Evolution, Evolve(Wave), Enlighten and Imagine (Wave) overlockers. We are planning a fun class concentrating on different techniques each session. The projects will be easy, fun and designed to encourage you to use your Baby Lock and Accessories with confidence. Optional accessories may be required. You must be familiar with the basic functions of your machine. KIT FEES APPLY ANNUAL FEE $99.00

Mon06-May-1910:00 – 2:00$99.00
Mon03-Jun-1910:00 – 2:00$99.00
Machine Embroidery

Come along to this wonderful machine embroidery class and learn how to get the most out of your machine’s many features with the guidance of expert tutor Maria Ciano. In this class you will complete a project. Please let us know what software and embroidery machine you use.

Wed10-Apr-1910:00 – 2:00$50.00
Wed15-May-1910:00 – 2:00$50.00
Wed12-Jun-1910:00 – 2:00$50.00
Husqvarna and Pfaff Club

Join this wonderful class to learn all about your Husqvarna & Pfaff sewing machine. You will make great projects using many of the inbuilt decorative stitches and learn lots of different techniques using great accessory feet. Come along to this fun class to learn your machine and realise its full capabilities.

Satu20-Apr-1910:00 – 1:00$30.00
Satu18-May-1910:00 – 1:00$30.00
Satu15-Jun-1910:00 – 1:00$30.00
Junior Sewing Class and HSC Textiles

This class is designed to introduce juniors into the world of sewing and to learn basic skills in using a sewing machine. Let Maria guide and coach your child to create your choice of project. This class will also apply to students in years 11 and 12 who would like mentoring and to learn additional skills to complete major works. This is a fantastic class for children aged 10 years and onwards. $25ea or FOUR CLASSES $90

Wed10-Apr-194:30 – 6:30$25.00
Wed01-May-194:30 – 6:30$25.00
Wed08-May-194:30 – 6:30$25.00
Wed15-May-194:30 – 6:30$25.00
Wed22-May-194:30 – 6:30$25.00
Wed29-May-194:30 – 6:30$25.00
Getting the most out of Your Sewing Machine

Learn to love your sewing machine in this Project Workshop. This is an exciting workshop for all skill levels. You will be making a gorgeous bag using your machine’s decorative stitches and feet accessories. You will also learn variety of different machine skills that you never knew you could do before! This workshop will allow you to learn essential machine maintenance and troubleshooting tips and tricks. This workshop is for all sewing machine brands. PROJECT KIT PROVIDED

Mon29-Apr-1910:00 – 3:00$90.00
Wed29-May-1910:00 – 3:00$90.00
Tame Your Overlocker

This course gives an introduction to overlocker techniques, for example, rolled hems, flat locking etc, and is designed to give students the confidence to use the overlocker to its fullest potential. Students will work on a number of samples. This course is suited to all overlocker brands.

Wed01-May-1910:00 – 2:00$75.00
Wed05-Jun-1910:00 – 2:00$75.00
Mon22-Jul-1910:00 – 2:00$75.00
Quilting with Attitude Jan Schoots

Learn from an award winning quilter. Jan has a wealth of knowledge to share. This term Jan will be presenting the Balloon Quilt making your own bias tap or the Sampler is a wonderful beginners quilt! Suitable for beginners to Thur 06-Jun-19 10:00 – 1:00 $65.00 advanced. 8 Week Term $250.00

Thur02-May-1910:00 – 1:00$65.00
Thur09-May-1910:00 – 1:00$65.00
Thur16-May-1910:00 – 1:00$65.00
Thur23-May-1910:00 – 1:00$65.00
Thur30-May-1910:00 – 1:00$65.00
Thur06-Jun-1910:00 – 1:00$65.00
Thur13-Jun-1910:00 – 1:00$65.00
Thur20-Jun-1910:00 – 1:00$65.00
Dressmaking for Beginner’s and Advanced

Maria has designed this class for all skill levels whether you’re crafty or a dressmaker! This class is for creating bags, quilts, table runners and much more, or for the dressmaker who would like to improve their machine skills in garment construction and learn to adjust commercial patterns for a custom fit. Come along and join this wonderful class in a great atmosphere to expand your creativity and wardrobe! In this class students can choose their own project and must have some prior sewing experience to attend this class, or completed our Getting the most out of your sewing machine.

Tue16-Apr-1910:00 – 2:00$45.00
Tue23-Apr-1910:00 – 2:00$45.00
Tue30-Apr-1910:00 – 2:00$45.00
Tue07-May-1910:00 – 2:00$45.00
Tue14-May-1910:00 – 2:00$45.00
Tue21-May-1910:00 – 2:00$45.00
Tue28-May-1910:00 – 2:00$45.00
Saturday Morning Dressmaking

This is a practical class for both beginners and those more experienced sewers wishing to further their skills. You will learn how to measure your body accurately, adjust a commercial pattern to fit you perfectly and create your own fashion designer garment. Along the way you will learn about fabrics and their uses in wardrobe creation, pattern size selection, layout, cutting technique and construction. $45ea or FOUR CLASSES $160

Satu13-Apr-1910:00 – 2:00$45.00
Satu27-Apr-1910:00 – 2:00$45.00
Satu11-May-1910:00 – 2:00$45.00
Satu25-May-1910:00 – 2:00$45.00
Satu08-Jun-1910:00 – 2:00$45.00
Accidental Landscapes

A beautifully creative small quilt inspired by the book “Accidental Landscapes” by Karen Eckmeier. Create your own landscape capturing the feeling of a scene in simple layers, create a landscape based on a favorite photo, memory or holiday. Fuse it all together using freehand quilting techniques. Collect all your scraps for use in this fabric collage! This is a two day workshop. DATES TO BE ADVISED REGISTER YOUR INTEREST NOW!

AccuQuilt GO! Bloom Table Runner

This is a beautiful Applique project using our GO! Big to cut out the orange peel shapes and squares. Its so quick and easy with accuquilt there is more time for sewing and creativity. DATES TO BE ADVISED REGISTER YOUR INTEREST NOW!

Table Toppers with Feathers

Jan will be presenting Table Toppers. A two day workshop using a variety of techniques including Feather quilting. Make these in your choice of fabric for Christmas or Year round use. DATES TO BE ADVISED REGISTER YOUR INTEREST NOW!

Twenty Strip Tote

Join Jan for two days to the make this delightful bag using the Aunties Two Pattern. Using a Jelly Roll or your own strips and batting you will learn new creative techniques.

Bear Cottage Patchwork Group

The Bear Cottage patchwork group is designed to get a group of like minded people together, to make quilts for children and their siblings staying at Bear Cottage. It is to be a no pressure group, where people can work at their own pace. YOU DO NEED TO HAVE SOME KNOWLEDGE OF PATCHWORK.. This is an opportunity to use fabrics we have had for a while. Any design is suitable/possible.

Frid12-Apr-1910:00 – 1:00
Wed08-May-1910:00 – 1:00$0.00
Frid07-Jun-1910:00 – 1:00$0.00
Creative Tucks and Textures

Join Jan in this 2 Day Workshop to create this lovely Cushion cover using some very interesting decorative techniques including fabric manipulation and felting. Decorate the background with freehand work before making and embellishing your piping to complete this very unique project. TWO DAYS $100.00